How to manage and store eyewear products.

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How to manage and store eyewear products.


  • Acetate materials are sensitive to temperature, so long exposure to direct sunlight can cause deformation. Please avoid storing the car and keep it in a cool place.

  • Metal materials can be plated off if left exposed to oil/water or salt for a long time. Wipe frequently with a soft dry towel and take care of it.


  • Chemical substances such as sunscreen, hair spray, hand sanitizer, acetone, etc. can damage the surface of the frame. When contaminated, wash it with running water, wipe it with a dry towel, and dry it completely.


  • If the product is used for a long time without the lens inserted, the shape of the frame may be deformed. I recommend you to use the product with the lens inserted.




  • Please visit a nearby optician for manual lens processing. However, some sunglasses may be restricted from manual lens processing.


  • Store the lens so that it doesn't touch the floor. When storing the case, it is better to wrap the lens part with a cloth exclusively for glasses.


  • Since lens coatings are weak in alkali components, avoid washing them with alkaline detergents such as soap, soak them in water for a while, rinse them in running water, and wipe them with a soft cloth.


  • If the lens is severely scratched or the coating is damaged, it can adversely affect vision, so it is recommended to replace it with a new lens.



How to wear eyewear.


  • When wearing or taking off a product, always hold the front of the product with both hands and take it off.


  • When wiping the lens, wrap the frame around the lens with your hand and gently wipe it with a cloth dedicated to glasses lenses. Applying a large force can deform the frame or damage the lens surface.

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